Three Reasons Why Poker Players Often Join the Blackjack Table

Poker Players

Poker players tend to look down on other casino offers. They consider themselves to be the gaming royalty and dislike the edge the house keeps on all other games. Also, since poker is a game of skill, they are not keen on wasting their talent and hard work on simple games of chance like roulette, slots, or craps. Poker is the only game where a player can have the edge over the opponent. The idea of the built-in advantage that you have to accept is not suitable for a real poker lover.

A rule wouldn’t be a rule if there was not at least one exception to it. In this case, it is blackjack. While staying clear of all other games, a lot of poker players don’t mind taking a seat at the blackjack table once in a while. This is not too much of a shocker when you come to think about it. The game has similarities but is different enough to provide a nice break from the routine. There are a couple of reasons why some poker enthusiasts find blackjack appealing.

Skill Matters

First and foremost, blackjack is not a simple game of chance, and it requires specific knowledge, experience, and skill for a player to be good at it. It’s not entirely random or mindless, and this makes it very different from baccarat or roulette. How you play, what decisions you make in the course of the game — it all affects the results. This is a concept that poker players can relate to.

The house-edge can vary significantly depending on how you handle the gameplay. If you design a strategy and stick to it throughout the game, you can reduce the advantage of the casino to a staggering 0.5%. If you leave it all to good luck, the percentage goes as high as 20%.

Sounds like a challenge? You bet — and most of the poker lovers crave a good challenge. Having fun while solving a problem is what sets them off. The choices you have to make based on your skill and witts are important parts of blackjack. You can’t go wrong with slots, because you can’t go right either. This is why you’ll never see a poker player pulling that lever. Waiting helplessly for the higher power to align the symbols on the reel is just plain dull.

In Good Company

For younger players, this may come as a surprise, but there is a particular social aspect of poker that is a considerable part of its appeal (at least for the older generations of gamblers). Since most of us are glued to our screens now, it is hard to fathom that the interaction at the poker table may be as fun as winning the money.

Not many games have that mix of intimacy and banter, but blackjack is somewhat similar in that respect. And it’s not just gathering info; it’s fellow players having fun while trying to beat the same opponent. If the shoe is advantageous to the players, a game of blackjack can turn into a great night out. You can even meet some cool people who share the same passion.

This is why poker players make occasional trips to blackjack tables. Baccarat and roulette are too noisy and terribly crowded. Slots are a bit reminiscent of solo drinkers, but blackjack has just the right atmosphere. It’s interactive in an elegant way.

It’s Hard but Winnable

Most poker lovers see blackjack as a game in which you can actually win. It’s not easy, especially with all the measures the casinos are implementing lately, but it’s possible — and it’s challenging.

You cannot be good at poker unless you are competitive, and it’s that very characteristic that draws them to the blackjack table. The game is there waiting to be won. They just can’t resist. The task is tough because it’s not just focus and predesigned strategy. You have to be able to count cards, and that is tricky.

The whole thing does not seem too complicated in theory, but in a real casino setting, it becomes almost impossible. Too many distractions and things you need to worry about, like casino personnel trying to catch the card counters, may be what poker players find exciting.

Let’s Face It

Beating the house is just too naughty and delicious to resist. You can also have a lot of fun with fellow gamblers while doing it. It’s risky, yet requires a lot of skill, focus, and brain-storming. And it’s not the game you play every day. No doubt, it’s just a kind of entertainment a poker player would indulge in on their day off.

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