Betting on the Blackjack Innovation Strategy

Blackjack Strategy

While visiting Las Vegas, you’ll bump into two types of players. The ones that rely on their “gut feeling” and the ones that use an innovative strategy to win their games.

The Innovative Blackjack Strategy Can Turn Losses into Wins

The casino is full. You hear the crowd cheering and cursing at every corner. In the middle, there is a table with a man sitting nervously and playing Blackjack. The other players are giving him the evil eye. He is a beginner — a newcomer; sticking when he shouldn’t. The other Blackjack players believe he is negatively impacting them. All the while, they never notice they are letting fearful thoughts take the best of them.

Las Vegas, Sin City, the home of many a casino visited daily by hundreds of people. The casino lobby is carefully showcasing the main attractions. Entering the casino floor, the brain can barely register anything but the casino game lights. Money is won and lost on every deal — hence why Las Vegas is referred to as the place of Lost Wagers.

Blackjack is usually one of the most fun table games found at the lobby. Having the best chances of winning makes it a popular game both among the advanced players and newcomers alike. In simple words, it is a game of probability; a probabilistic model if you like. The observant eye can create a solid perception of the cards, allowing players to predict losses and wins at times.

Even though some rules are meant to be broken, the players make bad choices. There is nothing worse than relying on “the gut feeling.” Instinct can fool the players into believing that they can beat the dealer.

For instance, they decide to stick hard on 16 against a 10; perhaps they don’t use the opportunity presented to them and double down on 11 when the dealer hits 10, fearing they might lose even more money. The most common and “safe” decision is to stick to soft 17 against the 10 because it is a good hand.

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You see, our mind can play tricks on us. In the long run, these are all losing strategies. Yet, at that particular moment, you simply went for it. Of course, sometimes you can just get lucky, but this won’t happen as often as you might think.

Generally, consistent strategies are the way to. You may not win every hand, or get the best possible outcome all the time, but overall you’ll win more. In the end, it’s just down to odds and probabilities.

However, in Blackjack, there are no hard rules per se. For instance, “always split 8s,” etc. Therefore, don’t be too afraid to go off the beaten path every once in a while and try to experiment a little.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the problem is — our brains are wired for survival, not innovation. Meaning, we’re more likely to play it safe immortalizing the past as the best practice and the only way to win. However, such things often lead to bad decisions, instead of playing the odds.

Just as the player sitting at a Blackjack table is never sure whether they will win the next deal, or not, the innovative strategy can either land a big win or leave you penniless. Nevertheless, playing the odds and using the right (innovative) strategies can at least increase your chances of winning, slightly.

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