Best Bonuses for Blackjack

Bonuses for Blackjack

Poker experienced a popularity boom once they started televising poker tournaments and championships. Since then, poker’s become the front face of the gambling community, as it was the most recognizable casino game, alongside slot machines.

Before that, however, blackjack was the top card game. It used to be the most prominent card game, and there were entire gambling houses dedicated only to blackjack. Casino blackjack games, as we know them today, developed from a game called Twenty-One, which doesn’t have a well-documented history (the first mention of it comes from Miguel de Cervantes, a famous Spanish 16th-century writer). The name, though, reveals the basic goal of the game, which probably didn’t change.

As the Internet and online gambling started developing, blackjack was one of the pioneers when it came to making the cross to the other side. Initial gambling websites had only online blackjack and roulette, with players having to wait a bit before having the possibility to play other games as well. But before we discuss what online casino bonuses you’re able to claim, let’s see whether you should play online at all.

Going Online

Yes, you should. The truth is, there are several advantages to playing blackjack (and casino games in general) online. And we won’t even go into how convenient it is to have access to all of your favorite games right from your laptop or your phone, without having to renounce the comfort of your own home.

Online casinos are open throughout the year and have non-stop working hours — you can enter a website round the clock, and there’s never any crowd. You needn’t stress about a blackjack table being packed with players and you being left out. Additionally, every game you play, you’ll do it head-to-head with the dealer, leaving you with fewer hands to follow. Also, the game gets on quicker, and there’s no need for you to wait for your turn, with other players contemplating their move, as if it was a case of life and death.

However, since you’re not physically sitting across the dealer and there’s no floor manager watching you, looking for suspicious behavior, you’re free to use a helping hand. For example, take out your strategy chart and hold it next to you as an aid, especially in the beginning, before you learn what the best plays are by heart.

Now that we’ve gone through the advantages of online gambling, let’s discuss some of the best bonuses you can benefit off of.


Blackjack Bonuses

Why are bonuses so frequent in Internet gambling? Well, there are thousands of online casinos around, and they needed to come up with a way to be more attractive than their competition and make you create an account at their casino instead of somewhere else. As a player, you can and should use this and get yourself some additional balance to play blackjack for real money. Basically, you get free money which you can spend on games, with an option to win something without taking any risks. Why would anyone say no to that?

No-Deposit Bonuses

When playing blackjack, no-deposit bonuses are an equivalent to free spins on slots. You get free playing chips which are there for you to play the game, and hopefully, earn some more. The reason why a casino would give you something for free (if you are suspicious) is that, with most players, the chances are they’ll return to play again, only this time, they’ll use their own money.

Also, prior to deciding on claiming a bonus, you need to look into the terms and conditions they come with. All bonuses have some wagering requirements attached to them. Wagering requirements represent the amount of money you have to wager before you’re allowed to request a withdrawal. For example, if you claim a $100 bonus with a WR of 50x the bonus amount received, you’ll need to bet a total of $5000 before you can get any money out.

Unfortunately, some bonuses come with way too steep requirements, which makes them quite useless. There are also bonuses which impose a cashout limit.

Deposit Bonuses

You’ll find more generous promotions in this section. As always, you ought to look up which rollover requirements they come with. Not all games contribute to the completion of what bonuses require, so you have to be certain blackjack belongs to the list of such games before claiming the bonus.

Although deposit bonuses also have playthrough requirements, they are more advantageous towards the player. So the idea when you’re bonus hunting is to combine a low WR with a high match bonus. Don’t join the first casino that shows up in your search. Instead, invest some time doing a bit of research, and you’ll surely be able to find some great promotions which cater to your needs. For example, if you join BoVegas Casino, they’ll offer you a $5500 welcome bonus and an up to 125% match bonus for card games.

Why Play Blackjack?

Although poker took over the number one spot, blackjack still stands among the most adored table games around. Together with roulette, it represents one of the OG games casinos offer. It’s a simple game with a simple goal — you compete against the dealer who will reach (or be closer to) 21 without going over. You sum up the cards by giving them the value of the symbol they have (a Nine is worth nine points) and valuing face cards with 10 points.

The reason for such popularity doesn’t lie solely in its simplicity. First of all, similarly to poker, blackjack is a mix of a game which requires some skill and a game which relies on chance. Although the final outcome of the game is random, you have a certain degree of control of it. After all, in blackjack, it’s up to you to decide what’s to happen with your hand; hence, you influence the outcome to a point. But at the same time, you get all the excitement and the uncertainty that, for example, slot games and craps entail. But that’s not all there is to it.

The fact is, blackjack as a game mostly involves skill. Since you’re in charge of making decisions (you can hit, stand, double up, or split), you’re in charge of your fortune. However, it takes practice and experience to make the right decision, and as is the case with poker, the more time you dedicate to playing the game, the better you’ll become at it.

play blackjack

House Edge

Blackjack players play with one of the best house edges on offer. Blackjack house edge is at 1,5%, which is perhaps the best house advantage among all popular table games (only baccarat comes close). House edge represents how much money the casino keeps over an extended period of time. So statistically speaking, the casino takes $1,5 every time you wager $100.

Don’t forget, though, that this metric only becomes true in the long term (after millions of rounds), and it doesn’t affect single sessions. Nonetheless, it’s a good indication of how generous a game is. For example, keno comes with a house advantage of 25%. You do the math on what you’re better off playing. On top of that, when you play wisely (as we’ve said, this is mainly a skill game) and implement some basic strategies, you can lower the house edge up to 0,5%. And if you become an expert and learn how to count cards, you can even turn the odds in your favor and mathematically secure consistent payouts.

Pick the Casino with the Best Bonuses

Once you’ve made your mind up about joining an online casino for some blackjack, you should check out what bonuses they have on offer. They should be detrimental to your decision concerning which website you want to sign up on.

Bonuses come with wagering requirements you need to fulfill, so the ideal scenario is to find a huge match deposit bonus with as low rollover requirements as possible. Finally, once you make your decision, you’ll always have blackjack just one click away.

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