Best Blackjack Players Are Female


As is the case with everything else, men believe they are better than us at gambling. As is the case with everything else, men are wrong. Take a look at any movie that involves gambling. In all of them (except for Ocean’s 8), men are always the ones who are playing the games, with women being supporting characters whose only purpose is to look pretty.

It’s a misconception that women don’t play blackjack for real money, and that casinos, in general, are a man’s world. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, some of the best blackjack players in the world are female players. We’ll give you a list of the five most notable ones, starting with the first ever professional blackjack player.

Eleanore Dumont

Yes, you’ve read it right. The first ever pro blackjack player was indeed a woman. Eleanore Dumont (nicknamed Madame Moustache thanks to an unfortunate facial feature) moved to the United States from France and opened a blackjack casino called “Vingt-et-Un” (which means twenty-one in French and is another name for blackjack). Her house rules forbade swearing and brawls, something which was not easy to impose on 19th-century Nevada miners.

However, she was a charming lady (despite the nickname), and they followed her rules because they loved playing games in which she was the dealer. She would also play with her customers, winning most of the time. This didn’t decrease her guest list as miners said they’d rather lose to Dumont than win against someone else.

Until her death in 1879, Dumont moved around the country, opening gambling houses in six other places along the way. In 2006, she was nominated to be the first female entry to Blackjack Hall of Fame, a feat she was wrongfully denied.

Alice Walker

The year was 2007. There was a lady named Alice Walker who entered a preliminary tournament in order to compete in the World Series of Blackjack. She went through. Then she had to go through semi-final tournaments, where she also excelled. Finally, the final tournament had 40 of the best blackjack players in the world compete against each other, including Alice Walker. Unexpectedly (for some), Lady Walker won and claimed the $500,000 prize.

A year prior to this, she won the 2006 National Three Card Poker Championship, becoming the first ever player to own a back-to-back Double Crown. Do you know how many male card players achieved this? You’re right, zero!

Cathy Hulbert

Cathy Cat Hulbert managed to generate enough profit from playing card games to pay for her college tuition. Once she completed her studies, it was time to get serious. At the age of 24, Hulbert moved to Las Vegas to become a professional poker player. Here’s where her life suddenly changed. She had to work as a blackjack dealer in a casino to earn a living. There, she noticed one player had a technique which allowed him to keep on winning. She approached him, and he shared he was a card counter.

Hulbert quickly learned this technique and became a member of a blackjack team which traveled across Europe and the United States and played in various casinos (always leaving with a profit). When she grew tired of it, Cat returned to poker, her lifelong friend. She became notorious for being such a successful player — around 150 casinos banned her from playing.

Angie Hardy

Angie started playing online blackjack as a means of supporting her family. She was a single mother who couldn’t bring in enough money for her children and herself, so she turned to gambling. It didn’t take her long to become a part of various blackjack tournaments, including World Series of Blackjack and Ultimate Blackjack Tour. She earned a nickname Mother Lioness, due to her backstory and her aggressive style of betting.

Monica Reeves

Reeves is a Canadian professional blackjack and poker player, who learned her trade under the wing of James Worth, a pro player known as the Krazy Kanuck. Worth tutored her for nine months before she decided it was already time to join the big league and initiate herself in the world of blackjack and poker tournaments.

Women playing blackjack

Monica Reeves managed to enter the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, where she took the fourth place in the preliminary round. Additionally, she finished second in the ladies’ event. Reeves’ playing style and personality soon became popular with fans of the competition, which allowed her to end up on the televised Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

Join the List

So, ladies, as you can see, best blackjack players are female! There’s nothing stopping you from joining the women mentioned above and expanding the list. You wouldn’t be the first ones to do so as well. Some notable exemptions from this article are Kristine Johnson, Erica Schoenberg, and Regina Guzior.

Next time your partner feels like going to a casino and playing a few rounds of a card game, you better tell him to sit down instead of going there and losing all of his money trying to look a bigger man than his opponent. Rather than that, why don’t you go down there and show them who’s the boss. May Lady Luck be on her sister’s side!

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